Growing bulb

My lovely colleague gave me one of her tulip bulbs after she got back from training in Netherlands yesterday. i asked her how long does it take to bud from the soil? she said 3-5 months. I searched online, it says usually plant it in fall and it will bud in spring time. n.b. tulip … More Growing bulb

Value of waiting

How many people living in HK this fast-food culture society knows the value or necessity of waiting? Glad to have the new season of Ice Pilots to freshen up my head. just do you know when things are broken in such a remote place on earth, it takes time to repair. And often times the … More Value of waiting

Quiet time

I was a bit upset in the afternoon today. Feeling I am not going anywhere lately (Largely bcoz of my work progress is hampered). and I was in a massive traffic jam this morning, so I was late for work. All of the music in my ears suddenly became some noise that I couldn't bear. … More Quiet time

Bright side

I miss everyone in the airport. But the bright side? I am having my life back…nights relaxing time and good sleep. No more fighting with body clock and lousy schedules. and at this time in my life – when I am not so sure about going further in aviation…this is the best place to wait … More Bright side