Love of my life

I’m under His wings of protection, dwell in the nurture and in knowing of His promise of a future I’m slowly enabled to patiently wait, I realize I am gradually getting it -how to be patient, coz i can see more and more of His goodness. It is unendingly heart eye-opening until the day i … More Love of my life

Protect me God

I'm slightly scared of sharing my vision with people – coz i faced a lot of discouragements in the past when I did share… I prayed to God give me the comfort and wisdom to endure this start of ministry – my merciful God answered ''16 The city officials did not know I had been … More Protect me God

Take it easy!

Okay I have to admit that I am frigging scared. I haven't acknowledged my mixed feelings since I took up the new position at the Uni again. But God has assured me with His words again. Ma has been going to Pastor Tong's sermons meet every Tue. He said something really hit me this week. … More Take it easy!