Nail and a broken heart

This is…a pun..intention of author unknown.. but this also spelt out salvation..and man’s depravity.

Thank You, dear Jesus. ❤ the world becomes different since You sacrificed Yourself for Love and Justice. God’s promise was fulfilled with Your divine victory over death. Our wonderful Messiah and Saviour, thank You for Your steadfast love on the Cross. I will say this again and again, because You’re worthy of our adoration and praise, and Your wonders I proclaim. Forever I Love You, the One who has never let me go. There are so much yet to understand and breakthrough, but Your Love keeps me alive and well in divine joy.

Nail, caused the suffering that spilled the blood of restoration. Nail, the agent of the Sin that brought death but was overcome. The Sin that dissipated life drop by drop with no mercy. My own heart is broken by the Sin of mine. Nail, spelt out God’s ability to turn the ugliest intention into perfect goodness. That our God can overcome all nails which come through in our lives.

You, are powerful. That power would forever make my knees weak to fall down and worship You in complete awe. Until the day of complete joy in new heavens, I will worship You in tears.

”Sent of heaven God’s own Son,
To purchase and redeem
And reconcile the very ones
Who nailed him to that tree.” -Man of Sorrows.


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