Scars of victories

woke up in the new year’s day morning, didn’t find anything too special or particular and i tried to read through what i typed to God about this another year, that i would like to learn. God then spoke to me things that i couldn’t really imagine, again. ‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, … More Scars of victories

Healing is enabling

Lord here we are with humbled heartsTo see Your will be doneLet love shape us to Your own designTo bear our Maker's sign – Narrow Road, Hillsong #healing  #creation #walkintheSpirit The more we see Your glory, the more we noticed how broken we are. The more we know how great Your love is for us. … More Healing is enabling

Sky without clouds

i realize a sky without cloud loses its depth. a life without adversity and trials is the same. Without cloud and water, there is no rainbow.Without trial thus the experience of the salvation, healing and power of God, a life is lack of that deeply satisfying colour from Him. Without rain, the land is dry, … More Sky without clouds

Coffee no more

today i drank just a cup of kinda strong coffee because i had to wait for my boss for half an hour with my colleague. my hands trembled and i didn't feel right. i stood in's no way without Him. Praise Him! ❤ Story:..i had been a coffee drinker since high school…and everyone knew … More Coffee no more

He healed!

Praise my Lord for healing my infection! 10 days ago, was a desk full of tissue. Couldn't get enough spaces to pile them up. 10 days ago, I was trembling and shivering with the 38.9deg fever in my bed crying out to Him to take away my illness coz that was tough battle. 10 days … More He healed!