Feel alive again

Woo…seriously, I had been through a sick October. Learnt a lot too. Learnt/Got nicely Reminded.. about God's provision and promise – when we do our best, He will take care of the rest.about Going slow – breathe your surroundings, take it all in. you will get something, oozing in your being by not doing anything.about … More Feel alive again

Bright side

I miss everyone in the airport. But the bright side? I am having my life back…nights relaxing time and good sleep. No more fighting with body clock and lousy schedules. and at this time in my life – when I am not so sure about going further in aviation…this is the best place to wait … More Bright side

Take it easy!

Okay I have to admit that I am frigging scared. I haven't acknowledged my mixed feelings since I took up the new position at the Uni again. But God has assured me with His words again. Ma has been going to Pastor Tong's sermons meet every Tue. He said something really hit me this week. … More Take it easy!