Martha and Spiritual motherhood

my baby Christian mom (okay not so much a baby, 4yo stumbling along. my mom is a shy village woman, never finished high school, who has a childlike heart.) was reading two verses to my dad who is still in the Spiritual womb waiting for the Spiritual birth.

Matt 28:16-18
2 Tim 3:16
‘Go and make disciples, I will be with you. All authorities are given to me.’ Christ.
‘It(the Words) corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.’ Paul

I was in the kitchen eating. back home from the Spiritual kitchen I was in receiving ingredients and with Him preparing a careful meal for my beloved ones. when you’re a Spiritual mom, you sometimes gotta be a Martha. i do think that our Lord didn’t discredit all Martha did, but He was reminding us through Martha how your heart is-grumbling in worries or thanksgiving in Himself thus peace, would be the most important. Always focus on the One King we serve, not on our service. We are serving Him, not a service.

When you are hearing your baby speaking the tongue of the Kingdom fluently, you will overjoy and be marveled. It is hard to take care of someone helpless, but it is full of blessings. It is tearful. They fight/smash/hit you, but eventually they are calmed in Him. You wondered at God’s wonderful grace, who nurtures and grows His own plants (my Laos revelation).

I do get why all overjoy parents would post photos up to fb for their children’s beauty. it is God’s glory worth sharing. because they’re those miracles cannot be fathomed, Glories and mercies of God’s freely given to us. they are a pure gift and wonder to look at which testifies as 1 John 4:19, you want to share with others.

my mom is one of my precious babies..whom I’ll defend and protect her with all that I am. miss her, she caught a cold, cannot hug her.

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