Imprints of faithfulness

I finally, regain the touch at the fingertips, where my heart is connected to God’s heart.

The more I know Him, the more I want to know Him. God’s faithfulness to me. He brought music and me together 25 years ago since one touch on a keyboard. He saved me from depression because of music. He never took this gift away from me even when I abandoned it to forget the past, and always filled me with Hope through encouragements from His songs since the day I became His. With His songs, I read better because it held my focus on Him in place. I am inspired better when I sing His faithfulness. Through music, God ministered to me to the deepest of my heart which sometimes words cannot describe. I realized I never changed…since the day I could play and read, my hobbies have been music and books. and I learnt music scores before books.. Tomlee and library were where I dwelled.. now my Macbook is filled with music and books… Amazing and humorous how God showed me.

9th July 2013. a day i will never forget. Next day, He gave me a song to cry out and be strengthened. and 7 months later 9th Feb 2014, He let me play this song linking His heart with my dear brothers and sisters sharing the same sentiment in unison. It was not a service the other day to me… it was special. Thank God, thank you all… loads and loads.

He is faithful. He never failed the wretch that always think of to run away.

Music is beautiful, because it unites us all in unison speaking praise to Him in one voice one score with one Spirit.

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