Mercy of foretelling

Back then, God gave Pharaoh the dreams to predict meteorological disaster and give them a chance to embrace through the adversity. Today, God gives us forecasting technology to predict the time a storm hits. Can you imagine what would happen if we don't know Usagi is edging and walk on a street as usual? Cities … More Mercy of foretelling

Rocks in the river.

Today's church experience is another amazing, yet again unexpected one. I felt so weak these days spiritually. But God indeed every time speaks the loudest in the midst of my weakness. I can see Him so clearly. I always wonder why God seems doesn't care about those who resist or ignore Him, especially the already … More Rocks in the river.

Split a Big Rock

Today is such a good day:) As usual it is really hard to get out of the comfy bed with little sleep after a night shift. Plus it was pouring rain, very heavy rain and storm around 6-7am. I was like okay…this is another Satan's trick…I was pretty looking forward to the morning coz I … More Split a Big Rock