breathtaking Glory

so free..and i'm thankful, for God's never failing; His plans are perfect, even the failures are perfect for His purpose. and the Glory of His purpose is totally out of what we can imagine. I only have to trust Him. I trust You God, thank You, for letting me able to say surrender all again.. … More breathtaking Glory

Parable of Talents

What a graceful day!!:) First today is a day off on a Sunday, that I can help in the worship which I supposed not able to. Then it's Pastor Tim shared about the Parable of Talents. He made a lot of interesting points with it. The contrast between the unfaithful and the faithful servant was … More Parable of Talents

A Way to be happy

It is always great to see children's laughter:) They run, they bump into each other and then they laugh. They laugh for the simple happiness and they laugh genuinely from their heart. They are the best reminder for us. They remind us how simple can happiness be. All of us were like that. Then we … More A Way to be happy