”So when people ask my advice, I’ve always said what I remind myself every day, that God has called you to be you. God didn’t call me to be Jerry Falwell, God called me to be Jonathan Falwell. He gave me unique abilities and a unique gifting just like he does for every one of … More Encouragement

Longing for Him

I am changed. Today, I felt like our group is different too. God changed everybody throughout the year we’ve been together. The change is for His goodness and all things working together to accomplish this in His mercy. I started to know how to appreciate the hearts of others whom might have a different view … More Longing for Him

Seek you will find

Inspired by C.S. Lewis's quote in the Last Battle,''Unless thy desire had been for me thou wouldst not have sought so long and so truly. For all find what they truly seek.'' If we seek Him in everything,we find His grace and power in everything. He's omnipresent, even in the darkness. Just people in the … More Seek you will find

Glorious ruins

we are broken people. but we are the Glorious ruins of God. i realize by acknowledging my brokenness and accept others brokenness,He enabled us to accept His grace, and extend the grace of God to the broken world in a way we can't imagine. ''Create in me a new heart, O God! Renew an upright … More Glorious ruins