Nail and a broken heart

This is…a pun..intention of author unknown.. but this also spelt out salvation..and man’s depravity. Thank You, dear Jesus. ❤ the world becomes different since You sacrificed Yourself for Love and Justice. God’s promise was fulfilled with Your divine victory over death. Our wonderful Messiah and Saviour, thank You for Your steadfast love on the Cross. … More Nail and a broken heart

Script but the Story

i did enjoy the oscars this year….Seth macfarlene…crude, far from decent yet entertaining and human, i like how honest he is…the visuals+music is so good to my eyes and ears. the whole thing's like magic, but it actually is by the indistinguishable passion, laser focus and enormous effort of everyone far from the product is … More Script but the Story

Power of humility

Back from Cambodia and saw God's glory in a very interesting way. Like Rev Tong said in his seminars, God's glory is not always an explosive expression of power and miraculous signs as we saw in the early church era. God's glory is actually a very subtle, infiltrating and long-lasting expression of His love and … More Power of humility

Surrender and power

After a consuming week, I feel I am confused and drained. Today God has spoken to me again! I am so renewed:) Pastor Randy started the series of the Acts. I longed for having a systematic teaching about this book, coz this is the basis of modern churches after Christ has departed to the Heaven. … More Surrender and power