The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy

The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy.

I once a little dislike the high ‘thinker-status’ of DeYoung (psychology: you tend to dislike things you don’t understand- as i’m not an extreme thinker type, though I am logical. implication: it is good to find out the underlying reason why you dislike something, you might miss out big stuff by that emotional smoke), a few months ago God carried me through to see all types of people through His eyes and I started to appreciate this and other blunt but truthful voices. DeYoung is truly blunt to the point where the truth is plain out there, no decoration, no watering down, simply truth. I appreciate his truthfulness and bravery. His perspective is like strong blows of pouring rain which will keep you awake in this crooked generation. Watering down truth is usually coming from a single reason- fear-of-man, caring for feeling of others is an excuse. You can be caringly telling the truth and at the same time be there to deliver God’s comfort for those who accept the truth. c.f. the Beatitudes. All people who have a goal to improve, and be more Christ-like prefer truth than lies.

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