New routine

realize gotta adapt to a new routine 🙂 of studying needa learn how to stick to a schedule again (gosh…i’m really a spontaneous reader, i really like to read whenever and whatever without a fixed schedule…i know it’s not productive, but usually i find inspiration by reading like this.) He’s preparing me for bigger plans. … More New routine

breathtaking Glory

so free..and i'm thankful, for God's never failing; His plans are perfect, even the failures are perfect for His purpose. and the Glory of His purpose is totally out of what we can imagine. I only have to trust Him. I trust You God, thank You, for letting me able to say surrender all again.. … More breathtaking Glory

Surrender and power

After a consuming week, I feel I am confused and drained. Today God has spoken to me again! I am so renewed:) Pastor Randy started the series of the Acts. I longed for having a systematic teaching about this book, coz this is the basis of modern churches after Christ has departed to the Heaven. … More Surrender and power