How real is it in Your heart?

It is another day of seemingly like idleness. It is another day of gracious rest after some celebrations at church with beloved workers and the congregation.

Then the first dose of sickness also starts to come through, so I let the day be slow.

‘He is Risen.’

I remember the previous Easter, how He overwhelmed my heart and I finally came to understand the power over death by God. I dedicated my whole life to His service and decided not looking back. On the other hand, the overwhelming power broke through and remained powerful in my life for… a week or so. I felt that sense of fearlessness for a week or so. Then I quickly start to go back to that old okay person I had been.

This year, I learnt different things.

God primed me for this learning with the whole year of His gracious revelations and training on me. I see that the resurrection power of God in itself, is from before the world; however He let that happen on Christ and right before that He sent Christ to atone for our impeccable sins. This power, became utterly personal and relational in His wondrous grace. This power is related to our lives. The whole life of Christ realized God the Father’s fulfillment of promises-just as He did throughout the Old Testament period. Therefore, the resurrection is the ultimate evidence for Christian Hope for complete restoration at Christ’s second coming.

It is exactly the Hope I needed. This whole year, I encountered different sources of challenges in both life and ministries- to the point I wanted to give up altogether. I saw them as good, because all those despair moments told me I had put my Hope into something else other than my Saviour King my God. I put myself on quicksand several times by doing that, but God kept pulling me back out. I kept falling into despair and depression in the midst of discouragements. He comforted that puzzled me hundreds of times patiently until this Easter I finally realize what is meant by having Hope and joy.

I thought I would Hope for the persons I kindly treated would change; I would Hope for they would turn back; I would Hope for circumstances to change. But now, I only Hope for His promises to come true and that all things He has well taken care of. I thought this would make me selfish, but in fact this is the first step of overflowing His truth to others. And whether they change or not, is in His will not mine. Christ died on the Cross to fulfill God the Father’s will, He didn’t decide who would change or not. I realized, I was afraid of darkness in others so I wanted them to give up that darkness in my own timing.

The Hope wasn’t too real in my heart, but it became more and more real day by day.

I saw how much of myself I relied on, and that power of Hope Christ dwelt on upon the Cross is exactly what I should be relying upon when sufferings strike.

We are of no fear of darkness in both ourselves and others. Christ has won, and He has won that for us.

We are freed to love to the uttermost for the persons He brought to us, without being weary and burnt out because He will restrengthen.

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