Parable of Talents

What a graceful day!!:)

First today is a day off on a Sunday, that I can help in the worship which I supposed not able to. Then it's Pastor Tim shared about the Parable of Talents.

He made a lot of interesting points with it. The contrast between the unfaithful and the faithful servant was made very clear. Then he said the unfaithful servant would rather hid the talent under the ground than to risk for God, is coz he saw personal failure bigger than God. Or his fear for failure is stronger than his fear for God.

I am so thankful to hear this. Coz this is not only true when we make big steps forward in our life, but also in every day life. We crawl back into the safe shell to avoid possible failures, eventhough we clearly know Holy Spirit whispered in us when we ought to do something.

He also said the servant has a wrong perception of God's character as hard and unyielding, and His yoke is heavy. But Jesus demonstrated us how gentle He is, while His yoke is light. So the servant's excuse is invalid.

Yes, we sometimes are afraid that when we try to do something for God and fail, we would disappoint God. But the truth is we tend to forget how forgiving our dear Lord is to us. He delights when we try hard for Him, but totally dismiss the idea of slacking off or being spiritually lazy.

The third point Pastor Tim made on the servant is new to me. He said even if the servant didn't want to invest and risk losing the money, he could have simply put it in the bank to receive interest. Instead, he hid it in the ground. Notice the word hide, has a negative implication. He might have the intention to own the talent rather than to acknowledge that his master owns it. That is why the master called him a wicked servant. I found this point really intriguing and pretty useful. Yes, sometimes we forget the fact that our talents are given by God and this is out of grace. So we should make the best use of it for Him.  Pastor Tim used a great analogy to illustrate grace and work – grace is like when you are chosen into a great team which you don't really deserve, but then work is the responsibility you have to take after you entered the team. You have to make time, effort and put hard work to practice and excel.

But at the end of the day, the parable told us another truth – if we have the faith in God to step up for Him, He will make use of it and fruits will be produced. Yes, on our side we have to put effort into it, but behind the whole thing God takes the full control.

On the personal side, I know God is telling me two things. He tells me to shine in the music ministry! and He reminds me my talents are for good:) so I should use them. I know, coz these days at work I just read a lot. I rediscover my abilities. I thought I lost them all but actually they are still RIGHT THERE because God decided to preserve them for later use:') im so so so thankful because I don't deserve this. I hope I really can put them into good use for Him!

Then there's one more thing. When we were worshipping, some renovation work was suddenly on. So we turned our music up, while the congregation followed to sing louder with a strong heart. I felt so so much God's presence in the room. And God once again turned a messy situation into a graceful one. Hallelujah!!! Praise You Lord:)

So so so thankful today! God is AWESOME!!!

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