Praise 25.12.13

“When I cannot read, when I cannot think, when I cannot even pray, I can trust.” ― J. Hudson Taylor Trust you my Lord, Light of the world, Word became flesh to show me the way to the Father, to die for me and paid my price of sin. You endowed those whom trust You … More Praise 25.12.13

Peace in faith

Obey, do what God put into your hands, no more no less. this is faith for His faithfulness. love, in all circumstances, in relationships the person is always more important than the thing you are aruging. you can lose a soul by being merely right, but turn him back to truth by love. ‘Do what … More Peace in faith

Tough and Soft

'you wanna know what kind of person i am? tough, but fair. i call it like i see it.what i see is a kid who asks for opportunity, still hasn't decided if he wants it or not.' -Harvey toughen up! softness is not for solving problem sometimes. you can't convince others when you go too … More Tough and Soft