”So when people ask my advice, I’ve always said what I remind myself every day, that God has called you to be you. God didn’t call me to be Jerry Falwell, God called me to be Jonathan Falwell. He gave me unique abilities and a unique gifting just like he does for every one of us, and we have to make sure that we are using those to the best of our ability.

I encourage people to just trust God. If God has called you to a ministry, if God has called you to be a pastor, if God has called you to do his work wherever it is, then trust God that he’s put you there for a reason, and don’t second-guess yourself, don’t question whether you’ve got it or not.

Believe in God, walk in the power of God, and be a person who prays to God often, seeking God’s direction, seeking God’s face, allowing him to lead you. And just believe this, that “my God can do all things” and with him—Philippians 4—you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Believe it, walk in it, and let God show you his power and his grace.”  J. Falwell.

I was really beaten up lately, and this is so comforting and encouraging.

God thank you, for your affirmation and a pat on the back.

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