Be Thou my Vision

‘Your faithfulness is true And I am desperate for Your presence All I need is You’ – Waiting here for You, Martin Smith All I want, is You. In this place, sitting in the flight simulator in the night, I did the same thing- I was reading about You instead of feeling any other thing, … More Be Thou my Vision


”So when people ask my advice, I’ve always said what I remind myself every day, that God has called you to be you. God didn’t call me to be Jerry Falwell, God called me to be Jonathan Falwell. He gave me unique abilities and a unique gifting just like he does for every one of … More Encouragement

The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy

The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy. I once a little dislike the high ‘thinker-status’ of DeYoung (psychology: you tend to dislike things you don’t understand- as i’m not an extreme thinker type, though I am logical. implication: it is good to find out the underlying reason why you dislike something, you might miss … More The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy

Nail and a broken heart

This is…a pun..intention of author unknown.. but this also spelt out salvation..and man’s depravity. Thank You, dear Jesus. ❤ the world becomes different since You sacrificed Yourself for Love and Justice. God’s promise was fulfilled with Your divine victory over death. Our wonderful Messiah and Saviour, thank You for Your steadfast love on the Cross. … More Nail and a broken heart