Jericho Revisit

yesterday was a revisit to Jericho's story – God asked Joshua to circle the city with blowing trumpets; so to destroy the city. It reminds me a truth – lot of times what God led us to do sound so irrelevant to achieving the Vision He had for us at the beginning. Irrelevant to a … More Jericho Revisit

Save for the best

Realize I slowly got more and more strength to fight against temptations by God's Grace! Because, I can believe that He has the best plan. Because in Him we have the undying Hope. He will save the best for us. Plus, we are here for a cause. We exists not only for ourselves, but for … More Save for the best

Feel alive again

Woo…seriously, I had been through a sick October. Learnt a lot too. Learnt/Got nicely Reminded.. about God's provision and promise – when we do our best, He will take care of the rest.about Going slow – breathe your surroundings, take it all in. you will get something, oozing in your being by not doing anything.about … More Feel alive again