Shout His Praise

Bring people close to me. Shout praise to me. God, Your beauty has overcome me. Thank you for being there. Thank you for letting me to feel the closest that I can get here on Earth. The beauty has taken over me Swept my feet and I fell onto the ground. Make His praise Glorious. … More Shout His Praise

Peace in faith

Obey, do what God put into your hands, no more no less. this is faith for His faithfulness. love, in all circumstances, in relationships the person is always more important than the thing you are aruging. you can lose a soul by being merely right, but turn him back to truth by love. ‘Do what … More Peace in faith


if it means to leave all the comfort, position, favor from people, great sights and fade into the background; I am still willing. may God lead me, may He add strength, nail me to the cross with You and let Your life be shown in me, steadily and brightly. strip off everything unnecessary and let … More Sojourner