Longing for Him

I am changed. Today, I felt like our group is different too. God changed everybody throughout the year we’ve been together. The change is for His goodness and all things working together to accomplish this in His mercy.

I started to know how to appreciate the hearts of others whom might have a different view of everything from me. I started to appreciate honest and genuine comments, while myself won’t give out so many to others. Because God tamed me with much more gentleness, and humility. I realize before I speak, I better listen. I better listen well and see well. There are something that I don’t know about a person and that’s something precious I would love to know. Just a bit of that would change the whole view of how you see a person.

I too realize a lot of my weaknesses, which gives me a better glimpse at myself and His grace- which grows bigger and bigger because, what I saw was just a tip of a giant grace that I have been receiving from Him. He’s indeed getting bigger and bigger in my heart- because He graciously allows me to see more of Him throughout the year. I come to know the vibe I had given out has changed too- I come to know how hurt I was that made me into someone who wanted to prove myself to others so much- all those failures that I hadn’t put down, now seem no longer hurting anymore because God redeemed them by showing me what He wanted me to learn from them, and His goodness inside them. I became more readily in sharing my past with others and become a more effective witness of His grace.

I realize to speak Gospel into people’s heart has lots of ways, but foremost you have to obey His call. Walk right into it, no matter what the way is, would put us in His will.

Today’s group is touching. because God is using all things to comfort my heart after the previous Friday and Sunday including tonight. We looked at David’s heart to deal with Goliath and then the prayer at the end- God said- Trust me, when you seek me long for me, everything will fall into place. I would give you inspirations, wisdom and materials to work with and you will step right into my path when you’re close to me. I am so much encouraged by the prayers.

it is Psalm 37.

When you’re in the ministry for too long, you forget you’re not working for the ministry but you’re working for Him only to please Him only.

I am tearful tonight. Because I love the song so much-

I’ll stand, with arms wide and heart abandoned. in awe, of the one who gave it all. I’ll stand, my soul, Lord, to you surrender. All I am, is Yours.

I’m in awe of my Saviour’s grace and beauty.

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