Today I watched it. I prayed in the morning, that God would speak to me through the movie. It is a good one, loved it very much. do know why the rating is not high as it brings out a reality taboo and visually it will shy away from the big busters; it’s neither dramatic, … More Elysium

Love of my life

I’m under His wings of protection, dwell in the nurture and in knowing of His promise of a future I’m slowly enabled to patiently wait, I realize I am gradually getting it -how to be patient, coz i can see more and more of His goodness. It is unendingly heart eye-opening until the day i … More Love of my life

Unfailing love

"But each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life.'' Psalm 42:8 Thank you Lord, who listens to my prayers and pours on me unending mercy. You are life, and the fountain I need. I love to sing songs … More Unfailing love

Relentless Love

'Jesus, You have won me. You have broken every chain with love and mercy. You have triumphed overdeath and You are worthy of Glory and Praise.'  – Brian Johnson The relentless love, kept me from harm. and washed me white, so it is possible for me to reflect the Glory of His. The beautiful white, … More Relentless Love