Beautiful encounter

an unusual opportunity open up today…let's pray may God lead ❤ and i'm thankful for today…i met my cousin that i haven't seen for a long long time…and his heart is getting ripe to accept Christ because….God has already placed His people close to him far away across the ocean. his smile is so good … More Beautiful encounter

Good weather

Sunny, dry, warmish and breezy:) so nice to have a walk..i luv these few days of HK…such simple thing is so good to me… btw i saw an SLK 350 waiting to soar on the road when i walked…it was just kinda nice that's all i do luv cars as for the beauty and efficiency … More Good weather


Sunday. I was at work for another overnight in the morning. Stuck with a delayed cargo flight. The crew, who were supposed to stay in the hotel next to the airport. were 35 min late on top of that. So I was thinking of skipping church for sleep again. But then I just used the … More Ordination