Unexpected Rest

my mind is still foggy after the blow of my head and the brain scan… b4 the blow God had already whispered to me, 'take the remaining annual leave you have and rest in me.' i know He realized i needed it much. after lots of events happened lately. legitimately my boss granted my request. … More Unexpected Rest

Rocks in the river.

Today's church experience is another amazing, yet again unexpected one. I felt so weak these days spiritually. But God indeed every time speaks the loudest in the midst of my weakness. I can see Him so clearly. I always wonder why God seems doesn't care about those who resist or ignore Him, especially the already … More Rocks in the river.

Quiet time

I was a bit upset in the afternoon today. Feeling I am not going anywhere lately (Largely bcoz of my work progress is hampered). and I was in a massive traffic jam this morning, so I was late for work. All of the music in my ears suddenly became some noise that I couldn't bear. … More Quiet time