hmm..when u know although ur phone was absolutely fine, but now coz every other phone nearby has faster connectivity that you would never be able to compete for the network using it….it's just the designated time to upgrade even if other functions are 'perfect' technology = somehow spending unnecessary resources to compete for the same … More Technology

A glass of Vodka

It is just great to have a glass of drink to wind down on a weekend. It makes a day-off like a day-off. then it makes me think, yes alcohol is for real not healthy when it’s consumed in a large amount. but in moderation, it actually wakes the liver up and shakes things up … More A glass of Vodka

hearts have memory!

my gosh.. brilliant program..Brokenheart Science. The capability of the heart is reviewed by the medical experts in order to find new ways to treat heart disease. They link heart to emotion. Negative emotions will enhance disease of the heart. They link them up with hormones. inflammation will be affected by stress hormone, and thus blood … More hearts have memory!