Magical day

tonight was magical. it was my best friend in Adelaide's wedding. a bunch of us were here. we were like the old days – laughing in the exact same way we did in flying school where we fought the war of toughness together late nights, day after day. i felt like my short flying career … More Magical day

Let the trip begin

thankful for the worship set+sermon just this week:) and will be flying to LA tomorrow, may His will be done throughout the trip ❤ i pray for His gracious wisdom, joy and protection! His plan is perfect! i'm amazed by His wonderful providence and amazing grace in 1st 6mo of 2013! in awe of His … More Let the trip begin

Beautiful encounter

an unusual opportunity open up today…let's pray may God lead ❤ and i'm thankful for today…i met my cousin that i haven't seen for a long long time…and his heart is getting ripe to accept Christ because….God has already placed His people close to him far away across the ocean. his smile is so good … More Beautiful encounter

Wonderful Detox

have been on the longest caffeine break since 2009 – 8 days (…not including decaf tho). I dunno how many gallons of water i have drunk in this single week…highly probably more than the amount I drank for the past month. Off from wheat and dairy (apart from that little skim diluted milk) for almost … More Wonderful Detox

Bright side

I miss everyone in the airport. But the bright side? I am having my life back…nights relaxing time and good sleep. No more fighting with body clock and lousy schedules. and at this time in my life – when I am not so sure about going further in aviation…this is the best place to wait … More Bright side