Longing for Him

I am changed. Today, I felt like our group is different too. God changed everybody throughout the year we’ve been together. The change is for His goodness and all things working together to accomplish this in His mercy. I started to know how to appreciate the hearts of others whom might have a different view … More Longing for Him

Peace in faith

Obey, do what God put into your hands, no more no less. this is faith for His faithfulness. love, in all circumstances, in relationships the person is always more important than the thing you are aruging. you can lose a soul by being merely right, but turn him back to truth by love. ‘Do what … More Peace in faith

Jericho Revisit

yesterday was a revisit to Jericho's story – God asked Joshua to circle the city with blowing trumpets; so to destroy the city. It reminds me a truth – lot of times what God led us to do sound so irrelevant to achieving the Vision He had for us at the beginning. Irrelevant to a … More Jericho Revisit

Suffering for us, Love to the uttermost – Holy Friday 2013

On this day, I mourn, for the sufferings You have to take for us; for our sins and our infidelity to You. Our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, He didn't deserve all that sufferings and pain; as we didn't deserve for this Greatest Love coz of our rebellion and sin. cannot forget, the sufferings He … More Suffering for us, Love to the uttermost – Holy Friday 2013

Work vs Faith

I am baffled by the phenomenon of denominations in Christianity lately once again. I never felt comfortable with this idea, coz God said nothing about this in the Scripture. God does say there will be lots of false teachers speaking in this world. And seems like denominations is one of the means to accommodate those … More Work vs Faith