Peace in faith

Obey, do what God put into your hands, no more no less. this is faith for His faithfulness. love, in all circumstances, in relationships the person is always more important than the thing you are aruging. you can lose a soul by being merely right, but turn him back to truth by love. ‘Do what … More Peace in faith

Save for the best

Realize I slowly got more and more strength to fight against temptations by God's Grace! Because, I can believe that He has the best plan. Because in Him we have the undying Hope. He will save the best for us. Plus, we are here for a cause. We exists not only for ourselves, but for … More Save for the best


Two people deciding to live out what Jesus taught in His Sermon on the Mount will find happiness together. Each beatitude (what our attitude should be) begins with the word 'blessed', which means 'happy'. True happiness is found in humility, a readiness to repent, gentleness, patience, being unassuming, loving what's right and just, pureheartedness, and … More Beatitudes