I’m not a scientist

I'm finally done. In a good way, not in the sad and hurt way as it was the previous time I left science.

I clearly see how myself will not fit into the frame of work as a scientist – which by saying it….makes me shiver.

I know more about myself again – I know I won't be living out the joy God wants me to, in this profession.


I can finally get as sharp as my focus onto the thing I like from now on.

No matter how hard it will be, I'm gonna focus and stick with it.

Thick and thin. It is true, that if you are meant to do something, you will return to it sooner or later; if you aren't meant to do something, no matter how long you stick to it, you feel nothing exciting.

Let's do it. No regrets. I thank God for giving me this season of doubt, that I can seek the way to go in Himself.


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