Love of my life

I’m under His wings of protection, dwell in the nurture and in knowing of His promise of a future

I’m slowly enabled to patiently wait, I realize I am gradually getting it -how to be patient, coz i can see more and more of His goodness. It is unendingly heart eye-opening until the day i see Him face to face in Heaven. It is unendingly amazing, each day i experience more of His love. His love is wondrous and way deeper than we can ever imagine – because we won’t know how deep until we are in new Heaven.

Each day it’s like knowing someone you really love and enjoy to be with. He will surprise you with new facets of Himself, you will never get bored with Him. You will continually be fascinated by Him. You will always want to know more and deeper about Him. You will always wanna be with Him.

He’s indeed the love of my life, who had never let me go loving me with drastic undeserving faithfulness and mercy.


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