Value of waiting

How many people living in HK this fast-food culture society knows the value or necessity of waiting?

Glad to have the new season of Ice Pilots to freshen up my head. just do you know when things are broken in such a remote place on earth, it takes time to repair. And often times the more anxious you are when you are doing the repair work, higher chance you are gonna mess that up. if you can do it with patience and know it will take time, you can actually shorten the time needed to get back on track again.

After a whole day trying to take off, the electra was still grounded. Best chance, tomorrow.

Sometimes, i’m just that electra…

it might not be a bad thing at all though, as opposed to everyone in this fast-food culture third world thinks.

You can’t rush some delicate work and healing.

Don’t regret when looking back, because God has planned everything. Everything happened were approved by Him. and there’s no need to think otherwise.


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