Live with praise and contentment

lots of people are in the state of waiting.
'I'm waiting for the next vacation.' 'I'm waiting for Friday..' 'I'm waiting for
retirement…' 'I'm waiting for the day I can blah blah blah…..' It's nothing wrong for us to expect
something to happen in the future, but saying all these make people think if
you're really living.

What are you living for? If you want simple
life, why don't you just live a simple life? Why do you need to get through all
those hustles and bustles but at the end what you want is just a simple life –
family, kids and a garden…? or friends, relaxing in a cafe and a blue

Patience is needed in some stage of life.
But within these down periods, you still need to know what you're working

For us, it's for God; He gives us everything
for good. it will lead us and others to growth.

It's also for our enjoyment – God said, we
need to work hard. But we also can work for our enjoyment. We can choose what we
do so that we are blessed by the joy He kindly gives us.

So, do something you do enjoy as an aim.
Don't be stuck.

God will give you the strength, power and
wisdom to overcome all that.


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