Praise 25.12.13

“When I cannot read, when I cannot think, when I cannot even pray, I can trust.”
― J. Hudson Taylor

Trust you my Lord, Light of the world, Word became flesh to show me the way to the Father, to die for me and paid my price of sin. You endowed those whom trust You with true Hope and peace, fulfilled the prophecy of Salvation and love. You are amazing my Lord, you are full of truth; yet full of grace. The most beautiful thing I can ever see with eyes of my soul. Dipping my head in that glimmering water, all I can breathe is You. My eyes are closed and i’m contented with Your divine presence surrounding me, overwhelming me to the point of shattering. Broken, by Your beauty. Accept my broken Spirit. Accept my broken filthiest soul and body. Accept my Will, all unto Your hands, which are bright and white as snow. I saw my heart beating in Your hands. You preserved it, with my life altogether. I disappeared into Your presence, and came together as a new being. I could no longer live like any of the yesterday, but only to break my life into pieces to lift Praises to You and feel the sorrow of the fallen world. I share the light with You, as You planted that light in my heart. Burn me, into the glow in this pitch darkness, into ashes I’m willing, because i’m waiting for that crown in heaven, and my eternity with You there. Until the day we see each other face-to-face, take my hand, through the fiercest furnace. Prepare me for it my Lord. 25.12.13


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