Baptism of healing flood

When the light shines through and our eyes are opened;

Truth breaks the lies. Ashes are replaced by beauty. Places of thorns become continuous releases of God’s glory. Places of scars become touches of God’s love.

They become unique personal gifts for us to remind us God took our hands to overcome the darkness, for us to know Him, for us to experience His Love and to give to others to extend the healing flood from Him.

God’s love,

is flowing, is never ending, is penetrating and relentless like floods of giant waters.

Floodgates of heaven, stay wide open and pour on the earth; Your rain of healing and truth, is nourishing and cleansing. It’s You the only true Fountain who can make true healing happen on earth. We thought the band-aids is our best bet and sole solution; but you show us the way of Life. Whoever drinks from this Fountain will never get thirsty again, Allelujah amen ❤


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