Wisdom before the furnace

We had a very interesting and inspiring look at the blazing furnace yesterday together. I am so thankful, that God had reminded me the sweetness just to share His teachings and reminders with my dear brothers/sisters.

How they handled the accusations and backstabbing helped us to see how we can reply on God in a betrayal. We mentioned the truth they had in their hearts – when we have that undeniable truth in our hearts, we can go boldly for the right thing to do that is what God called us to do to follow Him. They aren’t even afraid of the outcome, they just do that right thing and have the transcending peace in their hearts.

Sometimes that means if we have to do something unpleasant, something that will harm us physically or put us in a less favourable position; we can go boldly if we are doing it for the truth knowing God has our backs. We fear Him, so we fear nothing else.

They didn’t care to defend themselves or have the chance to defend themselves. That led me think why we have to defend ourselves when being accused – which most probably comes from the insecurity of being a failure. We don’t want to be labelled wrong or as a failure so we fight back to defend ourselves. But if we firmly believe that truth will always stay as truth, just as light will always stays bright, we can save our breath for praising God and testifying His power instead.

So they took the punishment to comply to the law with disagreement. They on one hand remain civilly righteous, on the other they showed their loyalty to God. I realize this will always go hand in hand. If we comply to the government laws in this fallen world even if it is unfair, we are testifying and showing our loyalty to God as the same time. We believe that God will vindicate us one day.

When we willingly step into the unfair treatments and troubles caused by a fallen authority (boss, king, government officials, family members, teachers, leaders), God’s glory will be shown. His power will be shown in our faithful hearts and His presence with us will amaze people. His presence with us will be shown by our peace and no lesser kindness to others. His power will be shown by our God-given ability to carry the tasks to completion or dealing with the troubles with perseverance. It is always not easy. We fail from time to time, but God’s mercy is with us and He teaches us encourages us to become better in the next shot.

We also talked about that truth, has to be put into their heart prior. That reminded me when we evangelize, we pray for the illumination of people’s hearts with that truth. After that truth came through, it is the relationship with God makes it grow solid. When we walk closer to Him, we are illuminated by His light and we can hear Him better. This chapter contained several contrasts. Here, the King chose not to develop a relationship with God after an illumination; the three young men got encouraged by the same incident after they prayed. The truth rooted deeper in their communion with God. There was a question Keller asked about how we can keep us ‘Spiritually real’ regarding this, which was very inspiring. He said we forget how the incidents illustrated His glory, instead we remember how they brought us pain. By forgetting we actually let the truth slipped from our hearts, and truth becomes unreal to us. Truly then in our discussion, we mentioned two things that will help our fallen hearts to keep the truth real- our relationship with God Himself; and our relationship with each other our brothers and sisters. How true and how reminding to me, recently in my journey dealing with my past hurts.

🙂 How much love, I am so nourished with Your encouragement yesterday.


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