Denominational conflicts

Realized there is another swirl of denominational dispute going on between the reformed and the charismatics. i do see God uses different denominations to bring clarity to each other – as sinners we tend to go too far sometimes, no matter going too legalistic or too charismatic – if we are truthful to ourselves we should know. we are just at a different position on Christ’s body, so when we look up to our head Christ Jesus our God, we see different aspects of God and it is normal as we are merely human. and because we can’t see God in 100% clarity until we see Him face-to-face, we need each other.

I know this is gonna be controversial, but I do appreciate what John MacArthur did, not because he is 100% right, but God did use him to speak clarity and raise question marks to those who might have gone too far. At least it is an awakening call, and through debates and discussions in God’s light and grace, His truth will be preserved.

As Pastor Tim said today – we are not arguing which denomination we are from/at now is better, we have it ALL because ALL comes from God Himself, we have Him and if we focus on the good things each denomination brings to the table of Love, and pardon each other, be humble learning from each other, we will be like iron sharpening iron and be a better unified force against the Devil. We are like different as from different ‘countries’, but we are able to bring different elements of God’s beauty to the table of Love. Of course if a limb sins and doesn’t listen to rebuke, leading people astray, it’s better to be chopped off and it will be chopped off from the Vine be thrown to the fire according to Christ. Rebuke in love is precious, the one who does the rebuking is actually taking a great risk of being hated, just like Paul in 1Cor but he/she does that anyway out of love and care. But indeed, we are only human and far from perfect; we shouldn’t seek to accuse or judge, but let God judge Himself. God vindicates the innocent and godly Himself. Hope this brings comfort to those who are troubled at heart. May God’s truth be preserved.


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