Today I watched it.

I prayed in the morning, that God would speak to me through the movie.

It is a good one, loved it very much.

do know why the rating is not high as it brings out a reality taboo and visually it will shy away from the big busters; it’s neither dramatic, but none of those mattered to me. i love its plot. very nice and provoking good thoughts about the paradoxes of reality, moral values and sufferings.

the plot writer added a glimpse of heavenly value into the film which made it very refreshing too.

One man’s sacrifice opened the gate of blessings to all people. All people receives the healing they need and a flood of mercy flows into the whole world. Amen, the film leads me back to my study earlier today. I was studying the Abrahamic covenant as lesson 1 of the Perspectives course, writing an assay about how the the redemption plan worked through the Abrahamic covenant, how the promise was the first step of the salvation plan, linked up to Christ’s sacrifice several hundred years later in God’s perfect timing.

I pay tribute to our Christ Jesus.

He spoke to me through the movie.

enjoyed the film, and the dinner after too. was blessed with 5 favourite things today – study, med drama, film, coffee, noodles and good company.


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