Mercy of foretelling

Back then, God gave Pharaoh the dreams to predict meteorological disaster and give them a chance to embrace through the adversity. Today, God gives us forecasting technology to predict the time a storm hits. Can you imagine what would happen if we don't know Usagi is edging and walk on a street as usual? Cities will be destroyed in a blink, people will be carried away like flying papers. People think it's their own effort, but instead it's God's mercy.

To me science is as supernatural as dreams, dreams are as natural as science. Medicine is His miracle, healing is His normal practice. All things are under His sovereignty, all things are planned according to His will.

But with His mercy, He spares us and uses adversities to draw us close to Him instead.

i'm a neurological medical scientist, a dreamer and a channel of healing for Him. #inspired #usagi #mercy


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