Sky without clouds

i realize a sky without cloud loses its depth. a life without adversity and trials is the same.
Without cloud and water, there is no rainbow.
Without trial thus the experience of the salvation, healing and power of God, a life is lack of that deeply satisfying colour from Him.

Without rain, the land is dry, lifeless and desolate.
Without His presence, the life would be boring, stagnant and purposeless.

Let it rain God. Let it rain.

Your water is the source of life, we are made to need it, contain it and overflow with it to others.

We need God to forgive our Sins, and we need Him way more than that. He yearns to see a life filled with abundance and joy by dwelling in Him. 🙂 Who are we? You lavish Your love on us the undeserved ones, made us Your own children and gave us the way of life.

God, is wonderful. Full of truth and love, You are so wonderful.


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