Magical day

tonight was magical. it was my best friend in Adelaide's wedding. a bunch of us were here. we were like the old days
– laughing in the exact same way we did in flying school where we
fought the war of toughness together late nights, day after day.

i felt like my short flying career was a beautiful and unreal
dream. it was all dreamy, and glittering. it was an ultra comfortable
world that you would have all that (unsaved) people want – wealth, power
and security. there you won't feel even a bit of the despair in the
third world, the deep cry of hunger, nor the fear of the sick. i
couldn't believe i did something i couldn't imagine 3 years ago. i told my best friends i wouldn't fly again – i uttered
that without a second thought. i couldn't even realize i did it…i
marveled at how God had changed me these 3 years – i miss it no more.
that world, is almost like a fake and glassy world in a crystal ball – all too 'perfect' for you to realize actually nothing's right. it's a world buried at the bottom of a deep dry well. God gradually opened my eyes wide, and help me look at the world through His eyes.

i feel like 'really? i said it?'. i felt my heart trembled.

i also feel the fire burning inside me.

i'm about to do something radical, that my best friends would probably
think i'm nuts. All the people in the hall would think i'm crazy. i felt
like the wedding had all things including my best friend and his wife's
smiles…but one thing – Hope from the heaven. i wish so much, that
they can get the same best thing that i know of.

i'll keep going. because that's what life is about – following God's call in the unspeakable joy:) ‪#‎fishermanofGod‬


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