Breathe freely in deep water

i feel like God has been peeling off the dodgy band-aids i put on my wounds to expose them, to gently clean them up and let it truly healed, these 3 years.

it's splashes of yucks and tingling pain. it's letting go of the fake protection of the heart – the treasured candy in your hand, false hopes and unreal perspectives of this world.

but i'm actually better afterwards and that feels amazing. maturity requires growth, and growth requires health. health comes from the pains of treatments/healing. denying the need of healing compromises health, well-being, growth and eventually life.

it's to set the void to embrace the true protection, true Hope and the way to see this world through God's eyes.

it's how we experience this life. it's the difference between dipping into shallow water or immersing in the deep water of God. We can breathe freely in that deep water 🙂

We are actually fishes of God – we live most freely in His water of grace.

''There's no maturity without growth. There's no growth without growing pains.'' Lecrae


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