LA Trip reflections

back online … 😀 thankful for the fruitful LA trip full of love, communion and encouragement.

jetlag for a week worth it. God shook my world again and im gonna act on it with His grace, His love and His Spirit. it took me days to sort all things i experienced during the trip (much blessed!) – but it turned out..God sorted it out for me when i let it go this morning.

in the backseat, i trust my God to take me to the destination. i don't even need to check on the map. He's able. as His child, i'm taken care of in a way i couldn't ever imagine^    ^ all i need is to listen, obey and act with zeal when He calls. i studied Gideon this week. i guess a part of me was still afraid that He might give me up if i'm not getting what He's trying to tell me – but He made it pretty clear.. ''no my child..i'm more patient than you can ever imagine…not on human scale…all of my promises are never gonna change. i decided, i follow through, i accomplish.'' His love is a wonder – is getting ever bigger in my soul.

Truly im ready for the next. more freedom in His protection and wonderful guidance. there is an indescribable peace like a quiet lake dwells in my heart coz of His love.

i yearn for You Lord. You are amazing.

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