Be Hungry for others

''It’s easy to become preoccupied with needs of the moment. But Jesus
invites us to get beyond our own interests—our own little “lunch”—to
open our eyes to the souls who are searching for answers to their
deepest needs.

So, join Jesus at the well, and let Him use you to tell others about the spiritual food only He can give.

Dear Lord, may my eyes be fixed not just on the things
I am interested in, but lift my eyes to see the
needy souls around me. Give me passion for the lost
and the joy of seeing others satisfied in You.
Be hungry to satisfy the needs of others around you.''   -ODB, 22 May 2013

God gave me more confirmation of walking onto the path He Wills – to stay in the present research job – so that He can bring me to people in need and let them know what His love can be.

Whenever I doubt and ask You for a confirmation, You don't abandon my needs, Thank You my dear Lord dear Father.

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