More of His Power

''If You know how furious and how deep the love I have for you…I will pursue you without end. Even when you don't know me, even when you're lost in the lies of the devil. I love you so much, I want you to be healed and I want you to feel loved. You are loved. You are dearly loved my child. and this' never gonna change.''

yes, you fall down on your knees, your tears fall down, you feel that Glory is surrounding you, you are home, where you belong – in His presence of love. That is the moment; that is the encounter of majesty.

Power of love – devil can't stand in front of love, they simply can't imagine that love, they deny that love… – they are unable to co-exist in the presence of God, they tremble and flee – moved to tears.

yes that's exactly the love on the Cross.

God gave me ideas of ministry out there in the field far away one day. He's showing me how powerful living can be. God's taking my hands to move forward.

❤ Powerful evening

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