Guaranteed victory

i only need to be Faithful.

all things fade away in this world. the only things that matter are love, be Faithful to Him, marvel at His wonderful goodness and enjoy being with Him 🙂

i enjoy being with Him ❤ and following His lead. so peaceful, so sure. it's tough sometimes. but when i can look at Him, every trouble seems melting away…everything became not so important but Him, everything became so small but His love. He's standing with us, on our side against all odds. He has the best for each of us every single moment – far off our imagination. when my energy bar falls near zero, He renews my strength. even if it falls through zero, He'd raise me from dead. We are fighting a war that is sure win – secured by our Christ, guaranteed by our Father; whom shall I fear? pain and loss are nothing but sanctifying, because we will not get burnt walking through fire. if we believe, it surely happens – by His grace we live the eternal life in His presence, nothing can separate us from His love. Amen.

nothing is impossible for Him.

❤ i'm loving the heat…btw :p summer season of energy! excited!



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