Power of our Father

by His grace, He carried me through this challenging week 🙂 i'm so so thankful ❤ God's plan is always fulfilled like a dart hits the centre – it will always be perfectly done. from start to finish – He knows everything, He planned everything, with love. No one can stop His plan, it will continue till it reaches the goal. He's able to control the wind so it will reach the centre eventhough you see its path is not direct. so no one needs to figure it all out to start – but See, Ask, Hear, Trust and Follow ❤ His Will be done! and healing comes within the plans. Everything is because of His Love for us.

i felt that Power of our Father in a deeper way – we're not merely patiently waiting, but at the same time we're seeing how His plan unfold with excitement every minute every hour, which will be revealed to us later – that Power crushed the devil completely. that Power makes us not a car running low on gas, but a sports car full of power dashing forward with a clear goal set (new heaven new earth). right on its journey with a purpose (expand His Kingdom). the most amazing thing is, healing comes with the journey – our sanctification by His Glory and fire.

it's lots of wisdom, nurture, encouragement and help from God for this week ❤ He carried me on His wing mercifully. head's overloaded, but my soul felt so much joy. i'm so so thankful

a bit masculine..this post? but that's from Him:)..i felt that Power, that Power is accompanied by Love.

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