Coffee no more

today i drank just a cup of kinda strong coffee because i had to wait for my boss for half an hour with my colleague. my hands trembled and i didn't feel right. i stood in's no way without Him. Praise Him! ❤

Story:..i had been a coffee drinker since high school…and everyone knew i drank too much – i drink at least 3 cups per day. when i was studying in Uni, i drank 5-6 cups per day…then i had to once in a while deliberately drink decaf to slow myself down. this January, i started it again because my workload jumped to the ceiling i could bear – i kept myself awake with it. i prayed to God – please stop me…from doing that…please deliver me from that's kinda not a good example being a home group leader:( altho everyone has a soft spot..

then i felt sick in April. I quit it coz of the antibiotics i had to take. then i started to dread the taste of it. i started to feel uncomfy with it. and i started to drink only 1/2 cup in the morning…and i make through weeks without it.

I'm sanctified from coffee by His mercy…<3

it's like being His follower, getting mature in the walk with Spirit, we started to violently repel sins and find it displeasing, no longer attractive.

He be Glorified.


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