Birthday Prayer

Herbert our bro asked me what's my birthday wish this year, i answered: haven't thought about that yet…

but this was it:) my coming-into-the-world day prayer.

i wanna learn to worship Him in a deeper and bigger way in the coming years of life, with all that He gives me and i wanna write songs for Him ❤ this is the piece of canvas my imagination can soar and fly with Him in His glorious presence without boundaries.

This is where the heavenly gates swing wide, the spot full of fragrant praises and prayers rising up to Him. This is divinely magical, amazing and overwhelming.

With God,
and inspiration from His faithful worshippers, i found my sweetspot
before my flying journey ♥ i can't describe how much i love it, how much
joy i found, how much through this God strengthens, comforts and
overwhelms me. i'm deeply thankful!!

With Him, i know this is gonna be mind-blowing.

Bought the baby – God urged me to buy it (and a synthesizer) 3 months
ago..He said i could worship Him in a far bigger than my imagination way
in the coming future and i was pondering on something insignificant. i
finally bought my own guitar 2 days before my birthday. please give me
calluses God! no turning back! i love every bit of the time worshipping
you in freedom! ❤

let this exciting bit begin!


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