Jericho Revisit

yesterday was a revisit to Jericho's story – God asked Joshua to circle the city with blowing trumpets; so to destroy the city. It reminds me a truth – lot of times what God led us to do sound so irrelevant to achieving the Vision He had for us at the beginning. Irrelevant to a point you might think it's kinda silly in the world's eyes. If you are a normal person, you'd keep thinking – what AM I doing? and then try to make up some 'less silly' solutions. If you are a person like Joshua, you'd keep following God's command and put faith in Him thinking – God will deliver me and God knows BEST. Truly, because He knows what He is doing, we should trust Him His way is higher than Our way. We're marveled, and so we trust His lead.

and He meant good, because He is the loving God, our Heavenly Father who loves His children to the uttermost. His love, is actually the biggest reason we need, to entrust Him with our whole person.


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