Suffering for us, Love to the uttermost – Holy Friday 2013

On this day,

I mourn, for the sufferings You have to take for us; for our sins and our infidelity to You.

Our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, He didn't deserve all that sufferings and pain; as we didn't deserve for this Greatest Love coz of our rebellion and sin.

cannot forget, the sufferings He had for us. 

The sufferings He willingly endured for us. All because of our sins our consequences. The sufferings He had, are the manifestation of the invisible sin at our hearts – being spat, whipped, beaten, pierced, cut, scorned, torn, blamed, distrusted, ignored, betrayed, falsely judged due to pride and envy, not being treated with mercy…etc, till finally being killed…. The whole messy and violent picture, was the uttermost representation of the Spiritual war between God and the Devil of Death. It was sin made Him suffer; and He was unwilling to let go, He didn't even complain for a single word. He is the great love. He obeyed the Father. He was willing to do that so to free us from the Bondage and the great Price of Sin – that we sowed long ago in the Garden of Eden…He took that Sin on Himself. He took the punishment on Himself.

His obedience to death defeated Satan for us.

On that day, He chose Father God – to die for humanity but not Satan – to survive like a thief. His death fulfilled the Wrath of God. We are forgiven because He suffered and died on the Cross. Who could do this for you even without a word of complaint? Only our Lord Christ Jesus our God could…His identity, His love and His mercy…overcome death and the world. We are free and forgiven.

We can freely love again.

We can be the original design He intended for us again.

We are reunited with God in our Spirit again.  And will be living with Him intimately in the new Heaven and new Earth through eternity.

Praise You our dear Lord Jesus Christ. You are my Saviour and Greatest Love <3. I love You.   


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